Welcome to Lugansk Ukraine!

Should you be lost, and without food and shelter, have no worry, a generous citizen of Lugansk will take you into his home, feed you and cloth you. The kindness emanating from this city knows no bounds. Many tourists end up staying here, amazed by the wonders around them. Those who leave do so profoundly changed.

Clean, Green and Happy

The air is clean and few cars can be seen on the streets. Luganskites are proud stewards of the environment and have dedicated themselves to carbon reduction by walking or riding a bicycle to work. Noise has virtually been eliminated, a pleasant side affect of green transportation. As you walk through downtown Lugansk only people can be heard, laughing, chatting and gaily singing as they walk with a bee bop in their step.

Pure Goodness

Buildings are brightly painted, reflecting the positive outlook of the city’s citizenry. Unemployment in Lugansk is less than one percent. The tiny minority temporarily out of work sees their new found free time as the perfect opportunity to volunteer. Men and women from all areas of the private sector join forces to help the less fortunate in neighboring countries. Recently a Lugansk volunteer brigade traveled to Lichtenstein to help homeless people forgotten by the country’s banking elite. Brick was laid in a communal fury. After just two weeks, a towering apartment complex large enough to house every Vaduz bum rose amongst the tiny nation's alpine peaks.

Booming Tourist Destination

Tourist attractions in Lugansk are so numerous the average visitor stays one month to see it all. Hotels are very affordable, and run with the purpose of cross-cultural understanding, not profit. Five star hotels charge only enough to meet the cost of operations. When employees are in a good mood, which is often, they collectively wave their salaries so that tourists from the United States and the EU can stay for free.

Prosperity During Times of Crisis

Many foreign tourists dream of settling in Lugansk. City hall on any given day is full of French, Norwegian, Dutch, Belgian and Swedish asylum seekers. They beg for permanent residency, but wise city officials know that if a country is flooded with immigrants, quality of life for all will suffer. Each is given a lollipop and box of chocolates as consolation and told, “Go back to your home city and tell the unbelievers what you saw here. Rise up against your leaders. Demand your city be more like Lugansk”. Many have heeded the call. A new world order is on the horizon.